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As many of you will know the word ‘Karma’ comes from the Eastern religious traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. It is in common use in the West, where we talk about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Karma.Depending on what you believe, Karma is some or all of the following :

– a distinctive aura or feeling about a situation
– a belief that all actions have consequences
– inherited destiny from past reincarnations, arising from past deeds
– ‘an event’ that will inevitably happen due to a sense of fate

My personal favorite is ‘ Karma means that you get away with nothing’ ! While it has negative connotations, this simple definition makes it clear that there are consequences, positive or negative for everything we do.

We can so easily delude ourselves, often unconsciously, into believing that as long as we are not ‘found out’ for doing or thinking something, that it is somehow ‘ok’.

The wisdom of Karma is that if we do not live in accordance with our own highest values we are ultimately the ones who lose out, through damaged relationships, and other direct and indirect consequences. Karma is a recognition that we cannot be happy in the long run if we are a cause of pain for others, and that only through ‘right conduct’ can we be at peace with ourselves.

Sometimes we will make mistakes, due to a lack of wisdom or awareness, but if we do, let us at least have the comfort of knowing that our motives were well intentioned.

So make a habit of questioning your intentions and reflecting on all the potential consequences before you act.


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