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SME Company Director

The coaching with Brian helped me to identify the areas I needed to develop and the specific actions I needed to take to move me from where I was to where I need to be, as I take on a broader range of responsibilities in our family business.

Owner Manager in Retail Supplies

I came for coaching as I was struggling to make a decision around an important business issue. From the sessions with Brian I strengthened my resolve to address the issue and discovered that I had far more options for moving forward than I originally thought to be the case. Coaching provided me the impetus I needed to make a decision. I found the sessions very thought provoking and insightful and I came away with a list of list of actions to work on in terms of my own personal and professional development.

Owner Manager in Services sector

The coaching sessions I had with Brian helped me to me to slow down and take a step back during a difficult period for my business. Feedback discussions on the EQi questionaire in particular gave me a lot of food for thought and significantly expanded by self awareness, enabling me to move forward in a practical way on a number of issues I had been grappling with.

Professional facing a life change

Brian Crowley has the edge on many of those who practice in the field of coaching. He has combined extensive training in all aspects of coaching with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I was one of those people who found myself at a point in their lives where there was no turning back but had neither the wisdom or courage to take even the smallest step forward. Brian was the start of a long journey, where I discovered the possibilities are endless, and the only constraint was myself. The sessions I had with Brian helped me change my approach to life forever and left me with a framework not only for getting started, but for life itself

Young Professional

Brian helped me clarify my thoughts and find direction in my career path. He assisted me in organising and making the most of my working day, ensuring that I got the best out of myself.