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Do you nurture all aspects of ‘you’ ?

The question posed is whether all aspects of who you are (mind, body soul/spirit ) are in harmony with each other. If this is not the case you will be prone to discontent, as deep down you know that you are off balance.

Mind, body and soul can be seen as three legs of a stool that you rely on for support. We need to take care of all three legs or the stool will fall over !

Sometimes we unconsciously succumb to a silo mentality, not appreciating the interconnection between the different aspects. For example, we abuse our bodies, through poor diet etc without recognizing that this will literally ‘dampen our spirits’. Or we might ‘exposure our minds’ to negative influences/people not realizing that this will impact on our self regard.

Likewise if we neglect our spiritual side by not taking time out for relaxation, reflection, reconnection with our inner selves, we will not receive the messages we need from our ‘internal guidance system’ to keep our lives on track.

So day to day discipline is required to look after ALL aspects.

The good news is that because of the interconnection between mind, body and soul if you are ‘not in a good place’ working on one aspect will have a positive knock on influence on the others. So do what comes easiest to start with :

Mind examples – read a good book, listen to motivational cd’s, talk to a friend/ counselor/coach

Body examples – go to the gym, change your diet, visit a nutritionist

Soul examples – take a walk in nature, go on vacation, meditate, pray, go to church, journal


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