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Do you ‘allow’ others to be different from you ?

You may think that you are open minded and tolerant but do you ever find yourself getting frustrated or annoyed with others simply because they are different to you. Examples of areas where differences can arise are :

– values, beliefs, and behaviors in general

– attitude to money and material possessions

– how to deal with interpersonal issues

– importance attached to career

– work/life balance

– reliability eg  honoring commitments,  punctuality

– life style priorities e.g. spending preferences, attitude to cleanliness

– interests

It is so easy to fall into the trap of unconsciously believing that others ‘should’ look at the world the same way we do. Every time we find ourselves passing judgement on others we are falling into this trap. While we can, of course, try to win over others to our way of seeing things, we are probably better off planning on the basis that they will not change. In other words you might as well make life easy for yourself and ‘allow’ others to be as they are, because they are unlikely to change regardless of what you think !

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