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YOUR best is good enough

‘Good enough isn’t’ but your best is good enough. 

How can we do better than our best ? Yet how often do we beat ourselves up for our performances, even if they are our best. 

The problem lies in our definition of ‘best’. The true definition is the ‘best’ we can be today with the skills, experience and level of awareness we have today. This does not preclude us from achieving a higher standard of ‘best’ tomorrow. It also means the best for us not someone else’s best or another’s assessment of what our best should be. When we judge ourselves harshly it is because of some comparison we are making with someone else or some other standard.

Life is a challenge and we sometimes wonder if we will ever get ‘there’, an elusive ‘neverland’  in the dim and distant future. Just because you are struggling today doesn’t imply that you are not doing your best. Even if you feel that you have ‘let yourself down’ by your own standards it is only because of where you were, at a point in time.

If you are accepting and gentle with yourself you will be much more likely to put energy into improving on your best. Self criticism, which leads to feelings of ‘not good enough’  will only block you from trying to improve.

By the way, if you can’t accept that your best is good enough, this is also ok – provided you accept that this non acceptance is the best you can do right now !!


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