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Handing it over…..

……or letting go, allowing, ‘let go /let God’, surrender to your higher power, ‘trust in God’ , ‘ask and it is given’ etc. Have you heard any of these expressions ? These words of wisdom all mean more or less the same thing , namely a humble acknowledgement that we dont have the answers but that somehow all is well.

In times of extreme crisis this handing over is often the only course open to us if we are to preserve our sanity when faced with major life challenges. If you have done this you will have noticed how immediately liberating it can feel, and how lifes burdens immediately seem lighter. In this ligher less stressed state we are more likely to be open to solutions to our problems.

Such unburdening  also frees us to keep a present focus and we can only deal with our life situations in the present ( free of worries about the future). It also increases our capacity for day to day happiness as we have the feeling of a ‘problem shared’, a trusting that ‘all is will ‘ even though uncertainty remains. We become friends with uncertainty and lets face it,  life is inherently uncertain and to think otherwise is dillusional.

This begs the question as to why we dont hand over all our life situations. Answer – we should ! You dont have to believe in any particular God to try this. It is an act of humility and acknowledgement that we are part of a greater life force which is on our side just waiting for you to place your trust in it.

Some points of clarification – letting go is not about giving up, but rather listening and acting on the ‘whispers of wisdom’ that arise from being in a naturally more relaxed and hopeful state of being. While you must do the handing over do not ask for specific outcomes or for answers within specific timeframes, just trust in the process. You DONT know best !

Go on try it,  in any situation,  and see how things begin to fall into place, in possibly strange and unexpected ways. See how life seems to flow more easily when you let go.

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