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Peace of mind

Your peace of mind is your most precious treasure, and is the basis for all the happiness in your life. It is that feeling of inner stillness, acceptance, gratitude and contentment with what is ‘warts and all’. It is about knowing and accepting that every day is unique, with all its unexpected twists and turns.

Inner stillness is not to be confused with standing still. In order to retain your peace of mind you need to engage with life to make things better and embrace opportunities for personal growth, but without attachment to particular outcomes.

Protecting your peace of mind involves being focused on the task in hand. Staying present will act as a shield against fear, which under various guises is the greatest threat to peace of mind. If you are visited by fears and other negative emotions allow them to be, for once acknowledged they will move on.

When your mind is at peace you will be more open and receptive to your inner wisdom sources but also the truths you need to hear from others. This will guide your actions and you will experience better outcomes – results which are aligned to your higher good.

So don’t hesitate to ‘step out’ of situations where you feel uncomfortable or which are undermining your sense of composure. Only re-engage again when you have regained that feeling of calm, quiet confidence which tells you that your peace of mind is restored.


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