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Motivate yourself to try something new

We traditionally regard the New Year as the time for ‘resolutions’. Personally, I have found that the best resolutions are often made at the end of the summer, coinciding with the start of the academic year.

If you find yourself lacking in motivation to consider a new course of study (or any new beginning for that matter) think about the sense of achievement and empowerment you will feel from trying something new, and the opportunity for new social/business interactions. Scientifically it has been proven that pursuing a change agenda makes us feel good. Conversely, we are more likely to experience negative emotions if we allow ourselves to stagnate and stay stuck doing the ‘same old, same old’.

Some points to bear in mind to give yourself the best chance at starting and sustaining a new initiative :

1. Monitor and challenge any self limiting beliefs you have about yourself and related behaviors that will stop you from proceeding e.g. I am bad at ‘languages’ if you are considering a language course.

2. Take small steps to begin with, to get going, e.g. google French language courses.

3. Set some short term goals to create a sense of achievement e.g. I will attend every class for the first month, even if I find course difficult.

4. Visualize yourself doing ‘it’ e.g. sitting in the French class with the other students.

5. Routine (good habits) can be your friend e.g. commit to that French class every Tuesday evening.

6. Try different things, a ‘ suck and see’ approach, not everything you try will work out and that is ok, all part of the learning process.

The above assumes that you know what you want to achieve, or what changes you would like to bring about in your life or career. If this is proving challenging consider engaging the services of a coach to explore the options.

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