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Personal Coaching

Goal setting Pros and Cons

Overwhelming research demonstrates that goal setting has a powerful influence on individual performance and motivation. Goals are potentially energising and motivating. Challenging goals lead to higher levels of effort. Deadlines lead to more rapid rates of work and  making a 'public' commitment to a goal, recorded in writing, enhances personal commitment to its achievement. But there are real problems with…
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Events that change our lives

No matter how carefully we map out our lives we are subject to the impact of random events which potentially change our plans or even the course of our lives. I was reminded on this during a recent holiday in Spain, during which I had an accident which resulted in my hospitalisation for nearly two weeks and return to Ireland…
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Welcome the Inconvenient !

No matter how much planning we do to have an ordered personal, career, or business life it is inevitable that we are occasionally, if not frequently, knocked off course by inconvenient events that scuttle our plans. A former senior politician when asked what he considered to be the greatest challenge in politics replied 'events', meaning the unexpected issues that suddenly…
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Time management is self management

It is our responsibility to determine how we spend our time. Stress related to time pressure is a symptom of poor self management. How you spend your day is a matter of setting priorities, planning and discipline in sticking  to your planned schedule.  If some unanticipated event arises during the course of the day the first step should always be…
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Cult of ‘Done’

Here is a piece by Bre Pettis, a successful US entrepreneur, which I hope that you enjoy.While  slightly 'tongue in cheek', it  contains  a lot of wisdom, and is especially relevant for anyone who is prone to procrastination, and who isn't from time to time. Cult of Done Manifesto 1. There are three states of being. Not knowing, Action and…
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Your powers of persuasion are an essential set of life skills, without which you would not be able to get your business and personal needs met. However, while we instinctively know how to talk others around to our view of the world most of us could do better. The sub components of persuasion (below) are interrelated, but looking at them…
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Nothing changes without ACTION

It can be tempting to think that just by developing a vision and of what we want and believing that we will get there, that this will result in the realization of our goals. Yes, having the right frame of mind is essential but only in so far as it inspires us to take action. So if you are struggling…
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Should you act on your ‘gut’ feelings ?

The short answer to the question is that 'it depends'. If the decision has limited consequences then relying on your intuitive response is ok, and probable the most efficient way to operate. Likewise if circumstances require you to make a quick or even an impulsive decision, you may have no option but to rely on your inner voice to see…
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There is ALWAYS a next step

The most commonly used excuse when someone fails to take action, when dissatisfied with his/her career, is that 'I don't know what I want'. This is based on the mistaken belief that if you don't know your goals there is nothing you can do. In fact the opposite is the case - you need to take steps to work out…
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