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Nothing changes without ACTION

It can be tempting to think that just by developing a vision and of what we want and believing that we will get there, that this will result in the realization of our goals. Yes, having the right frame of mind is essential but only in so far as it inspires us to take action.

So if you are struggling to achieve your goals maybe it is simply because you are not taking the steps necessary to get you there. If this is the case it is probably because you are talking yourself out of doing the very things you need to do.

Here are some examples of thinking patterns that you may have and which you could usefully challenge:

‘ This will never work ‘

‘ There is no point in asking him for help because he is sure to say no ‘

‘ I don’t have the time ‘

‘ I could never handle that ‘

‘ I am not starting this until I see where it is going ‘

‘ I will do it next year ‘

‘ I just don’t know where to start ‘

‘ I tried it already and it didn’t work ‘

‘ I just couldn’t be bothered ‘

‘ I can’t afford it ‘

‘ It’s not a priority ‘

The above is sometimes correctly referred to as ‘stinking thinking’. Achieving your goals requires persistence, experimentation, trying things out, constant exploration….in other words ACTION.



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