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Personal Coaching

Decision Making

I thought that this might be useful topic to explore in view of the large number of decisions we are required to make on a daily basis. Of course, some of us avoid making decisions, which is in itself a decision of sorts! I would argue that we should seek to be as decisive as possible as there are few things…
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Feelings – neither Right nor Wrong

If you think that you don't have any feelings think again. You would be amazed at what lurks beneath the surface ! When we were young we had no problem expressing our feelings, just think of any 2 year old you know. Then someone eg parent , communicated to us which feelings were 'right' or 'wrong'. After that we started burying the feelings that…
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How deep is your listening ?

We all know how important it is to listen in order to learn but how good are we at listening and do we fully appreciate how important listening can be not only for our own understanding but for all our relationships both personal and professional. Good (deep) listening also requires more effort than you might think. Honestly assess yourself against the basics of good listening…
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Money problems – solve through detachment

Concerns about money - existing challenges or fears for the future are close  to 'top of mind' for many of us. I thought it might be helpful to give some pointers in terms of 'do's' and 'don'ts' in dealing with  financial challenges.First of all the 'don'ts'. Do you succumb to any of the following feelings, which however understandable, will only hold you back in…
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How independent minded are you ?

We have seen the folly of our ways exposed in the most dramatic fashion during the recession  as the economic recession developed and deepened. In a fit of collective insanity many of us became over exposed to the property market. We ignored or rationalized away the evidence that there was trouble ahead.Why did we 'need ' to buy that holiday home or expensive…
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Do you nurture all aspects of ‘you’ ?

The question posed is whether all aspects of who you are (mind, body soul/spirit ) are in harmony with each other. If this is not the case you will be prone to discontent, as deep down you know that you are off balance. Mind, body and soul can be seen as three legs of a stool that you rely on for support. We need…
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How do you find your life purpose?

The reason we give so much attention to the subject of 'life purpose' is the link that we see between living in accordance with 'who we are' and happiness. Does the following apply to you : - My life flows effortlessly and I have lots of fun - I am full of energy and passion for what I do -…
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Making the ‘right’ decision

It is important when we are at a major crossroads in our lives or career, to take time out to analyse our situation, where we want to go and identify and explore all the options before deciding on the way forward. Too often in situations that require us to make important  decisions we move too fast, before having a good look…
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What is going on in your internal chatter box ?

This article is about self - talk : those conversations we have with ourselves, which whether we realise it or not, greatly influence the way we act in the world. This in turn influences the shape of our lives, relationships and careers. When we feel 'stuck' it is often because of the ingrained and programmed way we dialogue with ourselves.…
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