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You are in control – take action and make something happen !

If you have challenges or you feel ‘something is missing’ it can be all too easy to resign to the ‘fact’ that everything will always be as it is or to sit in hope that things will change for the better, as if by magic.

Acceptance of realities is important for our peace of mind, but it should not be seen as an excuse for inaction. We have the responsibility to write the script for our own lives and to take action to make things happen. If we do nothing to change our situation we need not be surprised when things stay the same.

‘Do what ? ‘ you might ask, ‘I don’t know what I want’ or ‘ I have no idea how to change my situation’. It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that there is nothing you can do until you have figured out what you want or how to ‘get there’ and this can become an excuse for procrastination. Having a clear picture of the end state you desire is ultimately key to identifying action steps to achieve your goals and building personal commitment to get there. But in the meantime you need to take action to make something happen to inform this process.

‘Figuring it out’ often requires a commitment to experimentation, moving outside your comfort zone, broadening your network of contacts, book research etc or simply following your intuition without necessarily having a clear fix on where it is taking you. Taking this approach may shed more light on what you don’t want than what you do want but this is ok. Elimination of suspects is all part of the investigative process, as any policeman will tell you ! In the meantime relax, enjoy the ride and try not to be too impatient for results.

Trust that the journey is taking you somewhere meaningful even if the destination is not immediately obvious to you.

If you need some support to kick start this process consider using the services of a coach.

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