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Events that change our lives

No matter how carefully we map out our lives we are subject to the impact of random events which potentially change our plans or even the course of our lives.

I was reminded on this during a recent holiday in Spain, during which I had an accident which resulted in my hospitalisation for nearly two weeks and return to Ireland by air ambulance. I am now doing well and on the road to recovery.

My reflections on this are :

  1. How much I value my home environment, partner, family and friends. My every waking moment in Spain was dedicated to planning my repatriation at the earliest opportunity.
  2. How lucky and protected I am. Even though the incident caused me a lot of pain (physically and emotionally) and disrupted my plans, I can now see with hindsight how things might have been a lot worse, but for the help and assistance of family, healthcare professionals, medical insurance provider, and others who were there to help me deal with the challenges. I was certainly the beneficiary of the ‘kindness of strangers’.
  3. Our health is the most precious thing of all. It was a major challenge for me when my independence was compromised. I now appreciate much more the bravery of those who live with permanent disability and pain.

Life is short and every day should be appreciated and lived to the full. Of course, we all know this, but maybe sometimes we forget and need reminding ! I have been reminded.


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