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What is going on in your internal chatter box ?

This article is about self – talk : those conversations we have with ourselves, which whether we realise it or not, greatly influence the way we act in the world. This in turn influences the shape of our lives, relationships and careers. When we feel ‘stuck’ it is often because of the ingrained and programmed way we dialogue with ourselves.

As every action we take is preceded by a thought,  we need to be sure that we ‘name and shame’ to ourselves any stinking thinking.

You can do this through becoming the watcher of your inner dialogue, for example :

– Does the way I dialogue with myself move me forward ? (or hold me back)
– Am I open to new ideas ? ( or am I stuck with old beliefs and values)
– Am I consistently overly optimistic or pessimistic?
– Does the way I think deliver success for me ?
– Do I have limiting beliefs that stop me from trying ?
– Have I old negative beliefs about my abilities/worth which drive my thinking?
– Is the way I think consistent with achieving my life purpose and goals ?

So, if you tune into your internal dialogue and observe what is going on it will help you to upgrade your thinking patterns and beliefs.

Start with something that is not working in your life – how could you change your perspective, your way of seeing the situation ? You know that if ‘you keep doing what you are doing you will keep getting what you are getting’.


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