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Questions are more important than answers

We are always looking for answers but it is far more important to ask the right questions. If we don’t ask the big questions we won’t get answers that will take us forward. We can stay stuck because our questions relate to a world view that is small and confined rather than expansive. If you are bored with your life maybe it’s because you are not asking big enough questions.


– What would be my ideal career ? … rather than how do I advance in my current job?

– What would be my dream home ?…rather than how can I afford a home?

– What  new opportunities can I explore ?…rather than how do protect what I have?

The answers to big questions can become inspiring goals, to which you commit. This does not mean losing touch with reality – any goal can be turned into bite side chunks which can be achieved by determination and persistence over time.

Finally, the same principles may be applied to any work situation. Have you ever noticed how sometimes a work problem remains unresolved because people are treating the symptoms  rather than the underlying problem ? The is because the problem solvers have not asked the right question (s) i.e. the big question(s), and so they stay stuck in the details of the problem. When you do ask the right question the chances are that the answer/solution would become obvious fairly quickly.


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