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Converting a problem into an actionable solution

The following is a simple step by step approach you could try to transform a problem into a specific goal that that has built in actions to solve the problem. State the problem as you see it and then :

Step 1. Redefine the problem in positive terms – say what you want not what you don’t want.

Step 2. Define  the characteristics of the desired outcome. How would would you know that you had solved the problem? What conditions would be observable? What would the desired outcome look and feel like ?

Step 3. Define the resources you need to achieve the desired outcome. What resources do you already have access to/ exist already? What resources are needed and where will you get them?

Step 4. If you reached the goal, what would you be doing, that is new or  more of /less than what you are doing now.

Step 5. Develop an Action plan which should be consistent with the analysis in the previous steps and is SMART – Specific ( positive goal (s) with clearly defined boundaries), Measurable (testable and capable of being supported by evidence of achievement), Action orientated (with actions within your control),  Realistic ( with stretch)  and Time bound ( clear as to when actions are to be achieved).

Finally, as a last test,  you need to ensure that planned actions are not in conflict with other objectives/plans

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