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Making the ‘right’ decision

It is important when we are at a major crossroads in our lives or career, to take time out to analyse our situation, where we want to go and identify and explore all the options before deciding on the way forward.

Too often in situations that require us to make important  decisions we move too fast, before having a good look at where we want to get to,  and our current position – what is sometimes called ‘the truth about today’. We must have a good handle on our starting point and what we want if we are to be sure about the framing of our options for getting to our desired end state.

So we should carry out an honest assessment of our current situation, and ask ourselves possibly hard questions about how we got to where we are now- only so we can learn the lessons. This assessment should be dispassionate – not optimistic or pessimistic. We should share our assessment with a trusted friend  (or coach ) to get some independent input to validate our views.

When this first step is completed it is time ‘to think outside of the box’ and think BIG in identifying our desired end state,  and then options for going forward.

At this stage suspend judgement and all those nagging limiting beliefs! Get input from as many sources as possible family, friends, colleagues, books, internet, the man at the bus stop it doesn’t matter. Doing this not only expands our horizons but also through reviewing the options/ideas we will begin to develop  selection criteria for evaluating the emerging options.

These criteria should be the things that are really important (ie consistent with what we want) and which must be satisfied for the decision to be the ‘right’ one.

Now refine your options, based on your selection criteria and make a decision  – then sleep on it ! You might well change your mind in the morning and thats totally ok. The key is to stick with the process until the right decision emerges – you will know that it is the right decision when it seems logically the way to go but also feels right at a gut level.

Now ACT, it doesn’t have to be a big step but there is always a next step ! Nothing changes without action.

Finally, dont worry about ‘failure’ actual or the fear of it, this is all part of the process of growth. In fact if you do ‘fail’ you will learn far more than if you succeed. Remember God loves a trier and usually rewards those who try and try again !


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