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One step at a time…

I am just back from walking  240 kms of the Camino de Santiago (Camino Frances), the increasingly popular ancient St James pilgrimage trail to Santiago Cathederal in Northern Spain. I hope to complete the walk , which is over 800 kms in length on future visits. For those of you who havn’t heard of the Camino (camino is spanish for ‘way’) google one of the many websites dedicated to it.

Many of those undertaking this ‘pilgrimage’ have reached a turning point in their lives and use the ‘time out’ for reflection. It can take up to c40 days to complete the full Camino Frances end to end (depending on fitness level etc).

I did not know in advance whether I could cover so much ground in such a short period (11 days), as I had never attempted anything like this before.  But I did my homework on what was required by way of preparation/clothes etc , took encouragement from those I spoke to who had completed the Camino and above all took it one step, one kilometer, one day at a time.

Isn’t it amazing how much can be achieved over time,  if we just focus on one step at a time in everything we do ?!



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