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Spring cleaning

This is the time of the year that we clean up the garden, after the long hibernation of Winter. We remove the plants that did not survive the Winter frosts and may pay a visit to the garden centre to buy some fertilizer and nutrients and/or invest in new plants and scrubs. We know that without this loving care towards the garden we will not experience the pleasure of Summer flowering.  Even if we do not have a garden that needs tending we may be moved to tidy and declutter our living spaces at this time of the year.

How satisfying and energizing it can feel to do this kind of work, so why not similarly resolve to declutter other areas of your life ? For example, you could review your activities and pastimes and make a decision to drop those that no longer interest you. You may have some friends and acquaintances, that don’t enrich your life or from whom you have ‘moved on’. You could include an audit of your ‘thought programs’ and resolve to let go of your  ‘stinking thinking’ – those habitual ways of looking at the world  that are holding you back.

The next step is to fill the space created by your clean out with by some ‘new planting’. Examples – the ‘holiday of a lifetime’ that always seems to get deferred, the project you have been putting off for years ( e.g. development of your artistic side), new health and fitness regime, a course of study or other new beginning.

Because we are creatures of habit we can easily fall into the trap of continuing to do that which we have always done, long after it has ceased to reflect who we are now or where we would like to be.

So if you want to continue to have the pleasure of new ‘flowerings’ in your life stand back and carry out a spring clean from time to time, even if it isn’t spring!



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