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Know when you are at a crossroads

During the course of a lifetime we are faced with a number of crossroad decisions. These are different from normal day to day decisions in that they are few in number but profound in terms of their impact on our future.

Examples might include :
-choice of career
-change of career
-starting a business
-decision to live abroad
-choice of partner
-decision to have children
-dealing with personal crisis situations

We know we are at a crossroads if we feel stuck, in a rut, or feel the burden of indecision. Crossroad decisions are rarely straightforward. They tend to challenge our existing view of the world and sometimes require us to make significant changes in our lives. They have downsides and often require us to let go of the past, and there can be grieving associated with this loss. But the prize for making a decision and acting on it is the positive energy which is released to propel us forward.

We can be a crossroads for a long time and do nothing. This may be the ‘right’ decision but only if made for the ‘right’ reasons. Sometimes we choose the ‘do nothing ‘option only because we are scared of the risks of heading into the unknown.

Crossroad decisions should not be rushed, however, because they require us to reflect deeply and honestly on who we are and what we want. This level of soul searching takes time and space. But be aware of any tendency you may have to procastinate, which by default can become a version of the ‘do nothing ‘option.

So recognise when you are at a crossroads, give the decision you have to make the time and attention it deserves, but then decide and follow through with commitment.

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