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Study to expand your horizons

There is still time to enroll in a course of study for the new academic year ! Now might be the time to sign up for that course that you have always wanted to do.

Here are a half dozen reasons to study :

1.  A great way to meet likeminded people
2.  Intellectual stimulation, broadens the mind and makes you a more interesting person !
3.  New or enhanced skills – might even lead to a new career opportunity/hobby
4.  Give you a sense of achievement and enhanced self image
5.  A distraction from less wholesome activity, like sitting in front of TV
6.  Opportunity to contribute and engage with others

We need to engage and be open to the new if we are to expand our horizons and grow. An evening/weekend class or other course of study in an area that interests you can be a very effective way to do this. You might even consider a course in something which is well outside your comfort zone,  and who knows where it might lead.




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