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Taking Advice – top 10 tips

For the purposes of this article an ‘adviser ‘ is anybody you listen to and who might influence your decision making or perspective.

There is a big difference between listening to advice and acting on it. Acting on advice is always your choice, after all you are the one who has to live with the consequences. Here are my top 10 tips on advice taking :

1. Advice is potentially valuable to you so be open to it, it doesn’t hurt to listen

2. Expand the number of potential ‘advisers’ you have in your life – family, friends, professional advisers, work colleagues, social media contacts etc

3. Avoid negative ‘advisers, you need people around you that are supportive

4. Seek out ‘experts – you will get the best results from those qualified/experienced/specialising in the areas where you need advice.

5. The best advisers are non directive, they give you information, new perspectives, help you frame issues but don’t seek to tell you what to do.

6. Be aware of adviser’s agenda’s – open or hiddenDoes the ‘adviser’ have a self interest in nudging you in a particular direction ? If so that’s ok but you need to take this into account when assessing the quality of the advice.

7. Accept the part of the advice that makes sense to you, is intuitively correct and discard the rest.

8. Don’t be pressurized into acting on advice within a given timeframe, act when it feels right

9. Know when you have had enough advice. Are you using the perceived need for more advice as a delaying tactic?

10. You are your own best adviser, so if your intuition is urging caution, hold back until you are sure you want to proceed in a particular direction.


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