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Connecting with abundance

Most of us are poorer financially, to a greater or lesser extent, as a result of the current economic recession. Our disposable income is less and and the value of our assets has diminished. For some there has not only been a reduction in income but a loss of job/career,  house, lifestyle, and many relationships are suffering from money related pressures.

The danger in all of this is that we allow ourselves to be dragged into a downward spiral where our ‘world’ of possibilities shrinks and challenges begin to seem overwhelming. This is where an abundance mindset can be of great benefit. It can help us reverse this spiral and create a sense of wellbeing…..maybe for the first time. I say ‘first time’ because for many lack of abundance thinking was a feature even in the ‘good times’. As an example, take those who have over borrowed. If they had feelings of ‘enough’ (another word for ‘abundance’) maybe they would not have borrowed so much in pursuit of ‘more’ ( ‘lack of’ thinking). A less kind way of saying this is that some of us were consumed by greed!

So how do we create an abundance mindset?

Firstly, we need to have an expanded and expansive definition of abundance itself. Yes, we get a sense of abundance from having lots of money, but we all know that ultimately money does not guarantee happiness – ask any Lotto winner ! You may feel ‘poor’ right now but are you really? Have you taken into account your unique talents and skills, loving relationships, supportive friends and family, and the gift of good health etc. So abundance is about counting your blessings and feeling a sense of gratitude and appreciation for all that you have,  not just material wealth.

Now make a list of all your resources and if you acknowledge them daily to yourself you will already have made a shift in the direction of abundant thinking. Taking it a step further develop a plan as to how to use and develop these resources and implement it. For example :

– Take an evening class to develop a latent talent
– Exercise more eg walking
– Visit an art gallery if you are interested in art
– Help a friend or a stranger, do volunteer work
– Seek advice from a friend
– Web research on an area of interest

You will observe that most of the above cost next to nothing, yet could open new doors for you and at a minimum will enhance your sense of well being and empowerment.

Generosity. You will see that giving to others is on the list. All forms of wholehearted generosity enforce our sense of abundance. So be giving of your time and talents, but always remain mindful of your own needs and remember to charge for your work….you deserve it. Also, don’t be too proud to ask for help and advice.  Think how flattered you feel when someone comes to you for advice and support.

Establish a positive supportive environment. Avoid situations and people that undermine you sense of abundance.  Drop the ‘doom and gloom’ types from your social circle and you don’t need to see every news broadcast telling us how bad things are.

Square up to your challenges. Running away from problems will undermine our sense of abundance, as problems fester and grow in our heads. When you find the courage to face up to situations and embrace the pain you will feel stronger and more empowered. Things are rarely as bad as you think and even if they are, by fearlessly facing up to the situation the chances are that you will successfully navigate a way through.

Finally, remember that what we focus on we attract into our lives. If we focus on ‘lack of’ rather than abundance this is what we will get. There is no great mystery in this. You know that your thoughts drive your behavior and actions,  so be the watcher of your thoughts,  ‘dream big’ and only embrace those thoughts which enhance abundance.

Try out the above and see if you can manifest a virtuous cycle of abundance in your life !



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