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Take action and then let go

Do you sometimes behave like a spoiled child when you don’t get your way?…. after acting you don’t get the result you wanted and this triggers negative feelings of disappointment, impatience, anger etc

Underlying this kind of response is an assumption that ‘you know best’ and that something is wrong when things work out differently to your expectations. But have you considered how limited your perspective might be? In reality we have very little insight on the long term consequences of our actions, even if the initial outcomes seem positive. Knowing this might make you more accepting about unfolding events and a little humility might be good for you! While denying ‘what is’ is a phase we sometimes go through on the way to acceptance, the quicker you get there the easier it will be for you to respond effectively to whatever transpires.

It is true that we will attract what we focus on, and taking action is key to getting what we want. BUT, the future is outside our control, especially if there is a dependency on others to behave/respond in a certain way. Therefore, once you act just let go and trust that things will turn out for the best.

So take the action you feel you need to take to achieve what you want – then relax and go with the flow. You will be the happier for it.


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