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Are you in charge of your emotions?

As you know emotions are transient, they come and they go. What is important is how we react to them. Yes, we can choose how we respond to our emotions. If we don’t take charge of our emotions they will take charge of us leading to a lot of turmoil in our lives and those close to us.

So apart from being aware that you are being visited by a particular emotion and naming it (essential first step) you can then react is a number of different ways:

– if it is a happy pleasant feeling and serves today’s  purpose you may decide to allow it to be and enjoy it( recommended !) or you may choose to dismiss it as being in some way unreal
– if it is a negative emotion you may choose to stay stuck in the pain (which serves no useful purpose and can cause hurt for you and others) OR simply allow the emotion to be, staying detached from it and getting on with your life until it passes, OR recycle * the emotion.
– look for useful messages the emotion might contain about the trigger event that has given rise to the emotion. This a good idea as all emotions contain some kind of message or call to action
– react impulsively

*recycling is about mentally letting go of thoughts that bring you pain or keep you stuck in the past or the future. In a way it is a step beyond simply allowing the emotion to be. It is about letting go of all thoughts except those that serve you right now. 

The last option above is the one you need to be wary of. An impulsive immediate response, particularly to strong emotions, is unlikely to be consistent with your long term well being.

So when gripped by a strong emotion the first thing to do is to do nothing, slow down and calm the mind. This will help connect you with your inner wisdom. Then you are better positioned to act  ( which might mean doing nothing) from a place of peace and connection with your ‘higher good’.

The choice is yours !


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