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What are you attracting?

The so called universal Law of Attraction, about which much has been written, says that you attract what you are thinking about (no exceptions). This is a very good reason to pay attention to your thoughts and to choose only thoughts which make you feel better and reflect what you want.  There are three steps in the process :

First. You must ask for what you want (only you can do this). Be as specific as possible and write it down.

Second.Wait for the answer ( you do nothing)

Third. Allow the answer in ( be in receiving not resisting mode). This requires you to allow a sense of well being.

Points to be aware of :

– Your desires and beliefs must be aligned for you to get what you want. If you put your attention on something you don’t have, you have put your attention on ‘not having it ‘ and ‘not having it’ is what you attract. You get what you think about whether you want it or not. So desire what you want and it will manifest in it’s own good time.

– Allow wellbeing to arise naturally, let it flow. Appreciation for what you have and a sense of fun and playfulness reduce resistance and enhance allowing.

– The longer you think thoughts the stronger they become.

– The way you feel (your emotions) tells you whether you are allowing or resisting what you desire. If you do not feel positive thoughts redirect you thoughts to better feeling thoughts. Become the deliberate creater of your thoughts. So feelings of passion and enthusiasm are clearly better than fear or disappointment. Negative feelings indicate that you are out of alignment with who you are at your essence and you need to change your point of attraction. Remember , if there is negative stuff going on around you, you do not have to buy into it.

– Knowing what you don’t want positions you to work out what you do want. Nobody else can work out what you desire but yourself.

– There in no such thing as scarcity unless you think that way,

The above does not allow much scope for ‘chance events’ ie the purely coincidental, so think again if you are tempted to conclude that what is happening to you is down to random luck. Remember as well that strong beliefs also create actions which are consistent with those beliefs.


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