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Making a difference

Deep down we all want to make a difference, to feel that we have contributed to the lives and well being of others. We recognize at some stage in our lives that the narrow pursuit of ‘self serving’ goals, such as career advancement, does not bring us lasting happiness.We have a shared humanity, to which we are called to make our unique contribution.

Of course, no matter how we spend our time we make a difference. We wouldn’t be paid to work, for example, if we did not contribute in some way. But for many of us our jobs do not express all of who we are and we seek opportunities to use our talents outside of the workplace. While we can throw ourselves into sporting, artistic or hobby pursuits as a means of expression I would argue that if we do not have some activities that make a more direct difference to others – family, friends, the wider community – something will be missing. At the end of the day we are social animals and have a deep seated drive to give to and support others.

So if you have a vague empty feeling maybe you should find your own unique way to make a difference to others.

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