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What will I learn on the Camino de Santiago ?

I am flying to Biarritz tomorrow to spend a few weeks walking the Camino de Santiago (Frances) in Northern Spain, beginning at the beginning in St Jean Pied de Port in France. If you don’t know what I am talking about google it or see the recent movie The Way, staring Martin Sheen. Basically it is an old pilgrimage route that is very ‘in’ these days. There are lots of motivations for ‘doing the Camino’  but they include :
– a healthy holiday option
– a religious/spiritual experience
– time for reflection after a life changing event 
– a sporting challenge….it should take a normal mortal a total of 5 weeks to complete the c 800 km walk but some do it end to end in 14 days !!
Doing it on my own,  I am not sure what to expect,  and maybe I should expect nothing, but I see the trip as a time for reflection and a bit of an adventure.  Spending so much time alone with just my internal chatterbox for company  is a bit scary….who knows what demons will visit me during all this aloneness !
But fingers crossed I will enjoy the experience and live to tell the tale….watch this space


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