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Camino Day 9

Finally getting into my stride, today´s 23km to Azofra I found to be much easier than earlier days despite heat. More of the same in terms of scenery – Rioja vines and cut hay. Journey made shorter by joining up with some Germans´s I met the evening before.
Stopped at church in Najera – lots of beautiful ornate churches in these parts, floor to ceiling gold, speaks volumes for the faith of the people in the past ( and maybe some local egos competing with each other in terms of grandour as well !). The church remains the centre of much family and community activity today in this part of Spain, as the town square is often close by or even adjoining.
I heard about a French Canadian who turned back 50kms short of Santiago because he got the answer to whatever question he came with on pilgrimage….yes, turned around and WALKED all the way back to St Jean.
Staying in a good hostel, only two beds per room and even a small swimming pool….what luxury!  
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