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Watching is enough – the power of non judgement

Easier said than done isn’t it – observing without judgement. The Ego (our false self) is always rushing  to judge. Yet the moment we give in to the temptation to judge (positively or negatively) we are closed to new learning or perspective.

Our Ego is effectively telling us that we already know enough, when the reality is that our perspective at any point in time is always limited. More than that, situations change and we need to able to tune into these changes as they arise.So have a bias towards observing, rather than judging, people and situations. This positions you to see the full picture in all it’s subtle, unique complexity.

Letting go of judgement also helps to quieten the mind, and you will become more tolerant and accepting of realities as they arise.  From this place of stillness you will be more likely to generate new insights. We are, of course, entitled to express our ‘point of view’ at any point in time. This is ok as long as we remain open to being influenced by new information.

The next time you are involved in a heated debate on a topic consider taking ‘time out’  to quieten your mind and disempower your battling Ego. When you reconvene the chances are that your perspective will be modified, or at least more considered, unless of course you use the ‘time out’ to dig in and take a more entrenched position !  It is such ‘positions’ that lead to wars.

You should also be on the look out for self judgement, from your ‘inner critic’. Remember that it is possible to learn lessons from your actions and experiences without judging yourself.


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