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Enrich your life by expanding your horizons

We are all creatures of habit to a greater or lesser extent. There are good reasons for this – the familiar gives us a sense of security and surrounding ourselves with people, places and things that we like is a important to our happiness.

If from time to time you have a sense that something is missing maybe it is time to experiment with expanding your horizons. In a way this openness to the new is a state of mind, but it also needs to be backed up by action. Some examples are:

– trying a new sporting activity or pastime
– voluntary work
– an unusual holiday (for you)
– new artistic or creative pursuit
– different reading material
– join a new club
– develop your social media presence

Some of what you try you will drop after a while,  but the search itself may well add zest to your life. The new does not have to be random, it could be the rekindling of an old interest or something you have always wanted to try.  On the upside you might stumble on something that becomes central to your life or herald the beginning of a new career or relationship.

There is no rule which says that you have to continue doing what you have always done. We know this but it is easy to become ‘stuck in a rut’ simply through laziness or lack of courage to take the first step. However, if we deny ourselves permission to move in new directions it is hardly surprising that we begin to experience feelings of dissatisfaction, as constant change is the natural order of things.

A part of this process of expanding horizons is letting go of the old to make room for the new. There are only so many hours in the day and a ‘spring clean’ of our activities and a review of how we spend our time is required when we take on new activities to make sure that we avoid overload.

Trying out the new can seem daunting, but this too can become a habit and you will get better at it over time. Before you decide to shoot off in exciting new directions you will need to take into account the impact on others in your life, stopping short of giving someone else a veto on how you live your life.


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