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Fear lurks beneath all our negative emotions. An awareness of it is an essential first step to ‘squaring up’ to and processing the relevant emotion and returning us to a happier place. 

Of course, a certain amount of fear is necessary for survival eg the fear that causes us to run when confronted by danger. However, in the main fear is not something that we want to feature prominently in our way of looking at the world  as it will eat away at our general sense of wellbeing and will constrain our growth.

Our fears tend to be conditioned responses in that we allow ourselves to act based on how we acted previously or from behaviours inherited from others. Being driven by fear can cause us to ignore the uniqueness of the current situation and to fall into the trap of applying yesterday’s solutions to yesterday’s problems. Yes , we should incorporate the lessons of the past but always with a sense of perspective and detachment.

Every day is potentially an empty canvas and it is up to us what we want to put on this canvas.  So don’t prefill your daily canvas with your fears. Be as expansive as possible and allow the day to unfold in line with how you would wish it to be. Being driven or consumed by fear will stifle our creativity and place unnecesary limits on what we can achieve. Filling our heads with fear also tends to attract the very negative outcomes we are striving to avoid.

So be on the look out for emerging fears. Fear has its roots in  past experiences and this triggers a dread of future events. Feel the fear but try to stay focused in the present moment, as the way of disempowering the hold fear has on us.

While it can be easier said than done try to believe that  ‘yesterday is gone and tomorrow will take care of itself ‘.



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