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Decision Making

I thought that this might be useful topic to explore in view of the large number of decisions we are required to make on a daily basis. Of course, some of us avoid making decisions, which is in itself a decision of sorts!

I would argue that we should seek to be as decisive as possible as there are few things more energy sapping than the torture of indecision. We can so easily get stuck in the paralysis by analysis cycle, always looking for more information to avoid the evil day when we have to decide. One point to be aware of if we are in this place is that if we wait too long the choice may be taken away from us as the world moves on and others or changing circumstances will make the decision for us by default. While avoiding the responsibility for making a decision may seem appealing to some it will be cold comfort if the decision is not to our advantage and we have to live with the consequences.

So some thoughts that might be useful in helping you to be more decisive and to make better decisions :

– get all the possible options on the table including the ‘do nothing ‘ option and assess the consequences of each.Remember there may be more options that you think /think outside the box

– be willing to ask yourself difficult questions and be honest with yourself. Question your motives… are you making the decision for the ‘right’ reasons ?

..you dont need all the information to make a decision , just ‘enough’.

– remember it is normal to feel some pain, grief , sadness etc  at the point that a decision has to be made

– once you have made a decision follow thru and act on it

– remember that often nothing changes until you make a decision. Are you happy for the current situation to continue indefinately.

– it is often possible to breakdown a major decision into a lot of sequential mini decisions

– you release a lot of energy by making a decision, and things can move fast if you are committed to the change

– if the decision is ‘wrong’ it is possible often to reverse it and you will have learned a lot in the process.

– it is possible to make a decision and then not act,  if intuitively it does not feel right

While some decisions have major irreversible life changing consequences very few are in this category and the price of indecision can sometimes be higher than making the ‘wrong’ decision.



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