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Ask for what you want

Do you ask for what you need or do you fall into the trap of waiting for it to arrrive (high risk, as it might never happen !) ? Lets go through some examples :

1. At work.  Do you ask for career development opportunities ? Do you put yourself forward for advancement? Do you ask for a salary increase? If you feel ignored and overlooked, could it be because you have not expressed your needs ?

2. Sales roles. Do you ask for the business ?

3. Intimate relationships. Do you communicate your needs to your partner or expect him/her to mind read?

4. Negotiations. Do you clearly communicate what you want, and your bottom line requirements?
5. Personal boundaries. Do you make these clear to family, friends and work colleagues?

6. If you have personal challenges. Do you ask for help or try to fix things yourself when help is available ‘only for the asking’ ?

7. If you are spiritual/religious. Do you hand over your problems to your higher power ? Not to taken as an excuse to do nothing – remember God loves a trier !

We need to aware of the barriers as to why we might be slow to ask for what we need/want and somehow find a way to overcome these barriers. Examples…

– shyness or feeling of being unworthy
– fear of rejection
– pride…want to go it alone without support from others
– haven’t worked out what you need (unavoidable first step!)
– lack of self belief or personal insecurity
– laziness or lack of focus



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