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Creating space for new beginnings

As we come to the end of another calendar year it is customary to reflect on our new year resolutions. While we should be open to the new at any time, this is a good tradition as we may have more time for reflection over the festive season, than at other times of the year.

What we sometimes forget however, is that the new needs space to grow, that is created by bringing an orderly end to the ‘old’. This is something that can be difficult for us as there is a sadness associated with letting go of what has been part of us, possibly for a long time, and into which we have invested a lot of ourselves. But, everything is subject to the natural cycle of birth, grow, maturity and death. Just look at the the seasons in nature – there would be no space for the new growth of spring without the ‘death’ of winter.

Arguably we are better at acknowledging and celebrating ‘births’ and other life events than death, which we tend to see narrowly in terms of loss, rather than as part of the process of life itself. This can lead to avoidance or denial of what has ‘ended’. This failure to bring closure leaves us with lots of loose ends which get in our way and block us from moving forward.

We know we are hanging onto that which is gone or dying if we feel restless, discontent, or an emptiness that is crying out to be filled. We need to listen to these calls to action, as not to do so, is denying ourselves the opportunity to move to the next phase of our lives. Even when we have no choice but to acknowledge an ending, for example, when we suffer the loss of a loved one through death, there is still the need to acknowledge/accept the ending from an emotional perspective so that we can move on.

Another all too common sudden ending these days is job loss. But this is sometimes a blessing in disguise. For example, consider how many successful businesses started in the space created by a job loss. Without the ‘death’ of the job there would not have been the space for the new business to emerge.

Letting go, even when we know it is the right thing to do or it is causing us pain, can be scary as our ego is attached to the familiar. We should not regret the past, or it’s passing, rather the opposite. Celebrating and appreciating the gifts that have been given to us by the ‘old’ helps the process of letting go, even if there are things we might have done differently with the benefit of hindsight.

So as you ponder your new year resolutions, ask yourself also what you need to bring to closure to create space for the ‘new’.

Then, as a next step, reflect on what supports you need to put in place to nurture your embryonic ideas to enable them to come to life, and manifest in your world. If you would like a mental image of what is needed for fledgling ideas/initiatives, think of the safe and nurturing space that the womb provides for the evolving life, that is about to emerge into the world as a new born child – your very own baby Jesus !

Happy Christmas


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