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It is time for each of us to to build a bubble around ourselves and our loved ones, as we find ourselves in the middle of a second wave of Covid 19. We have been well educated on best practice and it is now for us to take personal responsibility for our actions.

As the Chief Medical Officer keeps reminding us we need to embrace the spirit not just the letter of the law. This is essential if we are to achieve the earliest possible re opening of the economy, especially those sectors which have been effectively closed since March.

If you have any doubt as to what what you should and shouldn’t do err on the side of caution. Be alert to developing a mindset which makes it ok to except yourself from the rules, or lowering your standards because you see breaches by others.

There is a lot of doom and gloom about the months ahead but it does not have to be a ‘winter of discontent’. Believe that you can modify your behaviour where necessary, and commit to what need’s doing for as long as it takes – without complaining. Guard against setting an arbitrary end date to restrictions in your mind, as it may weaken your resolve, if the date comes and goes and the virus is still with us.

We need to acknowledge that the ‘ask’ of people varies considerably depending on individual circumstances. If you have a comfortable spacious home; are not living on your own or feeling socially isolated; if you and your loved ones are healthy physically and mentally (without special needs/vulnerabilities); if you have the option of working from home and do not have financial pressures (eg not working for a ‘closed down’ sector ) …….count yourself as lucky.

Personality and life stage are also variables to consider. It may be easier for someone who tends to be introverted to maintain social distance than someone who is naturally gregarious and needs people to maintain their energy and enthusiasm for life ! And, of course, it is very hard on young people who need social contact with their peers for their growth and development.

If you are one of the lucky ones, and because we are all in this together, why not actively seek to help those who are less fortunate within your wider social circle or beyond – in practical ways or just being there as a listening ear. Physical distance should not mean isolation. The good news is that reaching out to support others in the community comes with a 100% guarantee of personal satisfaction !

There will be a time to pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the end of the virus, and have a different experience of ‘bubbles’ (!)…… but this is for later.

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