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Camino Days 12 / 13

Day 12
Late start (8am) for 12km hike to St Juan de Ortega and onwards for further 6km to Atapuerca. First section was long and uphill through fog, with thick forrest heavily garnished by ferns and lilac. Found myself staying at the same hostel as four others from group that had formed a week earlier and that I had assumed I would not meet again – a pleasant surprise. 
Day 13
Final day, with the last 10 kms being a long monotonous walk into Burgos through boring industrial areas. But sharing a hotel room with 2 others at hotel next to the magnificant cathedral.
People don’t tend to say goodbye on the Camino, more ‘see you later ‘ and sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. However, if you walk the Camino staying in hostals  there is never a reason to be alone unless that’s what you want.
So finally,  a  roll call of some of those I walked with and talked to over the last 2 weeks – most are continuing on the Santiago….’Buen Camino’ to one and all.
Julian, Luke and Cyp from England. Zac from Finland. Albert, Maria, Edwardo from Spain. Marcus from Switzerland. Romana from Austria. Patrick, Linda, Birgitta, Petra from Germany. Dan, Ari and Nora from US. Kim from Canada. Clare from France.
I would not have thought it possible but I did not meet a single other Irish person at any stage from St Jean to Burgos.
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