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Camino Days 5 / 6

Day 5
Pre-dawn start as carrying a knee injury and didn’t know how long it was going to take me to cover the 24kms to Estella. Glorious dawn sunshine over the rolling hills of cut hay and vines. In the end it took me over 6 hours. That evening there was communal dinner at the hostal for over 30 overnighters.

Day 6
Summer has returned and a long hot day over scenic but exposed countryside. Eventually hobbled into Los Argus (20kms and 6 hours later ) after another early start, which included FREE ( you heard me !) wine, at a fountain, attached to a vinyard  outside Estella.

Notice a lot of walking wounded, particularly amongst those who did not bring the right gear …or attitude. Big egos get humbled on the Camino. It is definitely a case of the tortoise ( who makes haste slowly) beating the hare (who takes on too much distance particularly in the early days).


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