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Be seen and heard

We need to be seen and heard if we are to achieve our goals and ambitions. If we have invested time and energy in developing a new area/idea but fail to give sufficient commitment and energy to promoting ourselves or our initiatives, we should not be surprised if our ambitions remain unrealized. Regardless of our field we need to be able to demonstrate confidence and mastery of our agenda to others in order to be successful.

This can be a difficult  for those who are  inexperienced in sales and marketing or are lacking in personal confidence. If this is the case some practical steps are needed to get some momentum in this area, for example :

– observe ‘best in class ‘operators and/or ask for their advice
– take a course eg in sales and marketing or PR
– join industry groups
– team up with someone else with complimentary skills

Beware of  a tendency to believe  that self promotion is ‘not us’. Just because you may not be an ‘in your face ‘ sales type doesn’t mean that you can’t promote yourself or your personal, career, or business agenda. In fact a soft approach, where you show a genuine interest in others is often the most successful sales ‘technique’. Standing back and waiting for it to happen rarely works. We need to be proactive in order to be visible in our chosen market segments.

A word about rejection, the fear of which can hold us back. It is NEVER personal, and if you seek feedback it can provide valuable information for refining the way you present yourself and your proposition. You may need to experiment and try out different approaches while you are refining your offering, which will evolve over time in any event.

You will inevitably learn about yourself in the process and with success will come increased confidence. In the meantime adopting a ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ mindset  will help you work through any self limiting beliefs you may experience, particularly in the early days.


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