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No feeling is final

Why do we sometimes take feelings so seriously, when experience tells us that they will not last ? It’s because we allow ourselves to BECOME the feeling, thereby forgetting that ‘no feeling is final’

Even if we choose to wallow in a feeling it will move on eventually. Like a passing cloud in the sky it is not permanent and will be replaced by another.

It’s not that we can’t influence how we think and feel, we certainly can, and we can always replace a negative emotion by injecting a positive thought or experience. However, we can’t control everything. Each and every life event will spark a feeling in us, so we need to develop a healthy relationship with your feelings.

This means :

– Enjoying  your positive feelings to the full. While they won’t last the memory of them can be a resource for the future and can be used to trigger similar positive feelings when you need them

– Negative feelings are ok. As they are fleeting there is no need to panic. Sit with the feeling for a while and observe how it is affecting your thinking. Then replace it with a better feeling thought, or just wait for it to go of it’s own accord.

Remember you are not your feelings.You have permanance and depth, and feelings are transient. If you wish to take away the power of a feeling become it’s ‘observer’. In this way you will see that the feeling is different from YOU.


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