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Find something to celebrate every day

It is so easy to fall into a pattern of always looking for the next thing to achieve, and never stop to celebrate what is. We see this sometimes in the workplace where every achievement quickly becomes ‘eaten bread’ as the next business target becomes the point of focus. This can equally apply to our personal lives.

Celebrations are moments when we press the ‘pause button’ to reflect with gratitude on all that has been given to us. This is why celebrating recognized calendar events are important. For example we have birthdays to celebrate the gift of live itself,  national days to celebrate our shared cultural identity, wedding anniversaries to celebrate shared lives together, and various other religious, cultural, artistic and sporting events.

Celebrating accomplishments is important, provided we don’t use the celebration to delude ourselves into thinking that we are invincible! But we should also celebrate the lessons from ‘failures’ and the fascinating journey that life is with all its twists and turns. So celebrating in the wider sense is about naming and expressing gratitude for all life has to offer.

A spin off benefit of celebrating gifts such as health, family and friends, which can be all too easy to take for granted, is that we will be more inclined to cherish and look after these gifts.

In a way ‘positive living’ and ‘positive psychology’ is no more than valuing and celebrating  ‘what is’  as our source of joy and in so doing not making our happiness contingent on getting the next thing on the list.

So, just for today find something to celebrate and see if it enhances your life experience. If you turn this into a daily practice you may find that the more you celebrate the more you will find to celebrate.

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