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Do you have an independent ‘sounding board’ ?

There has never been more coaching and advisory support available to those in business, in employment or between jobs, provided by a range of private, state sponsored and voluntary sources.

But many do not even explore the possibility of availing of this support, assuming that it is not worth the effort or the cost. Others will see this more as a ‘nice to have’ than a ‘must have’ when cash flow is tight (arguably the very time when the need is greatest).

So the issue is often less about the availability of support but more about acknowledging the need and the benefits of having an external sounding board.

While work colleagues, business associates, family and friends can be helpful they are not always objective or experienced enough to give you the support you need. They may also have other agendas that are in conflict with your own best interests. Likewise it may be difficult for various reasons to be fully open with those whom you have an existing business,work or personal relationship.

So if you have not worked with a professional coach or mentor why not give it a try ?

You may be surprised at the insights and ideas that having an outside support sparks in you to deal with business, work or personal challenges. It can be just the motivational nudge you need if you are lacking in energy or enthusiasm to do what you know deep down needs to be done !


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