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Being Open to the New

If asked, the chances are that most of us would say that we are ‘open minded’, willing to consider the new, be open to new opportunities and friendships etc. We would regard openness as a virtue and a necessary trait for our personal growth and development.
This being the case it might be a good idea to check in every now and again as to how open minded you are in reality.
For example :- Does busyness in doing what is habitual allow you space for the new?

– When is the last time you changed a personal value or belief ?

– Have you acquired a new activity or friendship in the last year?

– Do you have any fears that hold you back from exploring or embracing the ‘new’ ?

– How good is your listening, are you genuinely open to being influenced by what others say?

– Do past experiences have an undue influence on your current decision making?

Then there is the openness to accept life ‘as it is’, as opposed to running away from or denying some uncomfortable reality.

For example :

– Do you accept situations as they arise and evolve ?

– Do you allow others to be as they are?

– Are you open to experiencing the emotions that arise for you day to day?

– How good are you at living in ‘the Now’?

Food for thought.

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