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‘No’ can be an empowering word

Positive living is about being open to the new, believing in the possibility of change, and saying ‘Yes’ to what life has to offer.

But saying ‘No’ can be a very positive affirmative statement, not only to our friends. It is necessary to keep us on track with our chosen goals and our  ‘higher’ values. Also, saying ‘No’ can be necessary for us to keep our focus and to prevent  clutter, distractions and temptations of various kinds from knocking us off track.

Examples. It can be empowering to say ‘No’ when you are…..

– enforcing a personal boundary, under pressure to do something that you are not comfortable to do, being bullied or otherwise being abused or taken advantage of.

– taking steps to change an addictive pattern, e.g. saying ‘no’ to drink or drugs.

– maintaining or seeking to change your work/life balance.

– you are enforcing your right to privacy.

– unsure what to do or something doesn’t ‘feel’ right, even if can’t say why.

– faced with a big decision and you want to take more time before committing.

– under pressure to ‘buy’ or to ‘give’ of your time or money.

– unhappy with a proposal or are not convinced by anther’s arguments.

– under pressure to comply with other peoples agendas.

– seeking to maintain necessary parental control over children.

– wish to send out a message to yourself and others that you are serious about changes you want to make

I am sure that you can think of other examples. It can seem easy sometimes to say ‘Yes’ for the sake of an easy life – but consider long term consequences. It is common to say ‘Yes’ to get the  approval of others but remember that saying ‘No’ can sometimes gain you more respect and enforces your sense of independence.

Saying ‘No’ and sticking to it can take courage. If saying ‘No’ leaves a gap in your life fill it with something positive – helps resist the temptation to return to old ways.


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