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Executive Coaching

Knowing when to ask for help

We all know the male stereotype who never asks for directions no matter how lost he is, and we can all be a bit like that sometimes. At the other end of the spectrum is the 'victim' who has mastered the art of helplessness (sometimes unconsciously) in order to extract sympathy and support from others. So it is question of getting…
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Personal Boundaries – creating a safe haven for us to grow

Boundaries are necessary to allow us to stay in control of our lives and to ensure that we protect ourselves from becoming the instruments of others. Boundaries are often the first area  that anyone looking to build their self esteem needs to work on, as the space created by having boundaries is needed to address other challenges. Healthy personal boundaries allow us…
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Conflict resolution

Conflict arises when different people want different things at the same time. In such a situation it is best to face up to the situation by getting the issue into the open and discussed in a calm dispassionate way. So to be clear, conflict resolution is not conflict avoidance, which usually leads eventually to the very conflict we are seeking to…
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Action….the last step

It is amazing how often we fail to take this last step in the change process. We reflect, meditate, research, discuss all the options and then after all this investment of energy and time do nothing !At the crucial moment our courage deserts us and all the old negative programming clicks in .....'its too risky'...' I might fail '....'people will think…
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Decision Making

I thought that this might be useful topic to explore in view of the large number of decisions we are required to make on a daily basis. Of course, some of us avoid making decisions, which is in itself a decision of sorts! I would argue that we should seek to be as decisive as possible as there are few things…
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How deep is your listening ?

We all know how important it is to listen in order to learn but how good are we at listening and do we fully appreciate how important listening can be not only for our own understanding but for all our relationships both personal and professional. Good (deep) listening also requires more effort than you might think. Honestly assess yourself against the basics of good listening…
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How independent minded are you ?

We have seen the folly of our ways exposed in the most dramatic fashion during the recession  as the economic recession developed and deepened. In a fit of collective insanity many of us became over exposed to the property market. We ignored or rationalized away the evidence that there was trouble ahead.Why did we 'need ' to buy that holiday home or expensive…
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