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Business Coaching

Leadership in business

It is no exaggeration to say that there was a catastrophic failure of leadership in business in the lead up to the latest economic crisis. We don't need the benefit of hindsight to see that the combination of corporate/personal greed and the abandonment of time honored values e.g. prudent risk taking,  have contributed hugely to the situation in which we…
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Business meetings – top 10 tips

 For those chairing business meetings the following are my top 10 tips : 1. Get all the key stakeholders represented at an appropriately senior level. 2. Communicate a clear agenda and outcome expected from meeting in advance. 3. Agenda should be finite and capable of being covered in the time available. 4. Set a time limit for meeting and stick…
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Communication methods in the workplace

Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of response to an email or failure to return a phone call ? This may be because the person does not want to respond for some reason, but it might also be because you have chosen the wrong communication option. People have different preferences when it comes to communication channels. Also,  the…
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Resolving workplace relationship issues

Creative tension has a very positive role to play in the work environment. The best solutions tend to emerge when different views and perspectives are allowed. However, when relationships between individuals become strained or argumentative it can undermine team morale and affect productivity. Here are some pointers as to how to address such a situation: 1. Deal with issue as…
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Decision Making

I thought that this might be useful topic to explore in view of the large number of decisions we are required to make on a daily basis. Of course, some of us avoid making decisions, which is in itself a decision of sorts! I would argue that we should seek to be as decisive as possible as there are few things…
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